There is No Safe Level of 5G Microwave Radiation  for People, Animals, or Nature.


Protect Your Family From EMF Pollution



How to Install Wired Internet in Your Home 






ACTION / UK: Say NO to a Phone Mast at Frith Youth Centre, Nr Bussage Children’s Playground and Skate Park


LINK To What Are 5G and the Internet of Things?






LINK To Stop Smart Meters!


Tell California State Senators: “NO” on SB 649-NO Small Cell Invasion!


Send a letter to Oppose SB 649


California pending legislation SB649 would streamline placement of ​5G ​small cell Distributed Antenna System​s​ (DAS) on electric and light poles in front of businesses and residences.  This bill eliminates local control and jurisdiction with regard to DAS ​placement ​throughout the state of California. Read more about the bill and take action at the Scientists for Wired Tech site.


Link to  Safe Tech For Schools Maryland



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