There is No Safe Level of 5G or Wireless Radiation for People, Animals, or Nature.

Even though we can’t see Wireless, Radio-Frequency Microwave RF/MW Radiation or Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Are a Significant Source of Harmful Pollution.


“Duration of exposure to these micro-second pulses of electrical power, not intensity, is the most important factor.” 

-Scientists For Wired Technology


Link To Cell Phone Tower Radiation Pollution • by B. Blake Levitt

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LINK TO What Are 5G and the Internet of Things?




Understanding EMF’s

In short, we adopted wireless without taking into consideration its potential impact on health.

The Potential Dangers of Wireless Technology  Presentation by Cece Doucette


Cell Towers Do Not Belong Near Schools or in Residential Communities!




Link to 25 Year Veteran Fire Captain Opposes Cell Towers
Firefighter’s Union, Local 1014, Opposes Cell Towers



10 Steps To Safer Technology @ Home


Parents For Safe Technology

Environmental Health Trust 


Link To Environmental Health Trust 

Link to "The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis



Safety First! 

Are You & Your Family keeping the Wi-Fi On All the Time?  Do You and Your Loved Ones hold the smart phone next to your head or carry the phone in your pocket or on your body?


Start learning the basic facts about mobile phone and wireless radiation and begin practicing the best safety techniques to reduce wireless exposure for You and Your Loved Ones, for Better Health.



Link to Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields by Dr. Ted Litovitz






The Future of Safe,

Secure & Fast Internet is: 

Wired Connections!



The Science Is Established


Bioeffects Are Clearly Established and Occur At Very Low Levels of Exposure To Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (EMR) & Radio-Frequency (RF) Radiation.


Link To Wi-Fi Biological Effects  Lecture on Microwave Radiation Biological Effects by Susan Clarke, Harvard School of Public Health Researcher.




Link To The Truth About Wired And Wireless Technologies -Dr. Magda Havas


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Link To WI-Fi in schools is NOT safe - Dr. Magda Havas


 Stop Smart Meters 

Some of the Best EMF Detectors / Meters / Acoustimeter


Link To Take Back Your Power



8 Easy Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure



Link to How to OPT OUT from Smart Meters          


 Link To  Support Legislative Efforts for Laws to Protect Health and Safety that Prohibit the Generating of Negative Emissions.  


The SMART Solution = Wired Connections!


 Wired Connections are Safe, Faster, More Reliable, & More Cyber Secure Than Wireless 


LINK To How to avoid EMF radiation risks from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other household items 


Link to Dangerous RF Radiation Cell Tower in Residential Area




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