About 5G

In a Nutshell – 8 Reasons 5G and the IoT Should Be Halted

  1. HEALTH – The robust and growing independent science shows harms to our health from radiation
  2. PRIVACY – Our privacy will be invaded from the collection and mining of all our digital data
  3. CYBERSECURITY – There are fast growing and devastating cyber security risks from the IoT
  4. ENVIRONMENT – 5G and the IoT pose a threat to our wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies and other pollinators, and threaten biodiversity
  5. ENERGY – Wireless radiation consumes mega amounts more energy than does wired.  To produce and run a wireless IoT and its attendant Cloud, will be extraordinarily energy consumptive
  6. EFFECTS ON OUR BRAINS AND HUMANITY – There are adverse effects on our brains and humanity from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world and by melding humans with machines
  7. E-WASTE – There will be an astronomical increase in e-waste generated from morphing all “things” into digital transmitters
  8. CONFLICT MINERALS – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow our dependence on conflict minerals which have contributed to the death of close to 6 million Congolese people.
  9. ETHICS 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) bring with them a host of life-altering ethical questions, issues, and dilemmas.



Much gratitude to Kate Kheel @ “What is 5G and the IoT?” for her tremendous contributions and impact in educating and inspiring others to wake up and take action to shut down 5G.



About Jolie Diane:

Jolie Diane is an environmental health and public safety advocate, working to help shut down GeoEngineering (GE) and 5G, and other hazardous pollution generating industries.  Jolie is currently supporting efforts to end 5G and Geoengineering.

To learn more and advocate for anti-Geoengineering and anti-5G laws where you live, contact us today.