ZERO5G is an information and action resource for people everywhere to bring a halt to hazardous  wireless 4G-5G networks, “small cell”  telecommunications facilities (sWTFs), and other 24/7 radiofrequency microwave (RF/MW) radiation-transmitting infrastructure.

NEPA and NHPA Review Required for “small cell” wireless telecommunications facilities (sWTFs)


The fastest, most energy-efficient, reliable and cyber-secure internet is fiber-optic cable to the premises (FTTP) to every home and business. Adding copper wire connection makes an ideal communications set up.

By contrast, wireless communications are poor engineering.



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Protect Families, Communities, Nature from 4G-5G microwave irradiating WTFs!


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About Jolie Diane:

Jolie Diane is lead researcher and director at ZERO Geoengineering and ZERO5G.

She is a long-time advocate for environmental and human health who works with communities and their legislators at state and national levels to enact public safety and environmental initiatives such as The Atmosphere Protection Act and The Clean Atmosphere Act.