ZERO5G is an information and action resource for people everywhere to bring a halt to hazardous  wireless 4G-5G networks, “small cell”  telecommunications facilities (sWTFs), and other 24/7 radiofrequency microwave (RF/MW) radiation-transmitting infrastructure.

NEPA and NHPA Review Required for “small cell” wireless telecommunications facilities (sWTFs)


The fastest, most energy-efficient, reliable and cyber-secure internet is fiber-optic cable to the premises (FTTP) to every home and business. Adding copper wire connection makes an ideal communications set up.

By contrast, wireless communications are poor engineering.



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Protect Families, Communities, Nature from 4G-5G microwave irradiating WTFs!


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Jolie Diane is lead researcher and director at Zero5G and ZeroGeoEngineering.