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Link To scientific peer review literature of over 25,000 studies documenting biological effects of electromagnetic radiation


RF-MWR Elected Official Letter


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Sample Call:
Good morning / Good afternoon,
I request a detailed response from Senator/ Representative______
regarding his/her action to prevent hazardous Radio frequency/Microwave Radiation
(RF-MWR) emissions from being deployed by 4G-5G and other wireless networks in our state.
–Microwaves are harmful according to over 25,000 peer reviewed studies showing adverse biological
effects from RF-MWR.  
–5/6G is an advertising campaign selling biologically hazardous microwave pollution and unwarranted surveillance capabilities and applications.
— As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to 5G (microwaves), or deployment of
ANY RF-MWR-emitting antennas. Fiber optic wired connections are the smartest solution for 
fast, safe, energy efficient, and secure internet broadband services.
I look forward to receiving a detailed response from Senator/Representative__________.
Thank you.



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How to Install Safe Wired Internet in Your Home 




Scientists for Wired Tech 


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Link To The Science @  Environmental Health Trust 

Link To Wi-Fi In Schools, Wireless Radiation Health Impacts And Practical Solutions




Parents For Safe Technology








 Link To  National and International Legislative Efforts for Environmental Health and Safety Laws that Prohibit the Release and / or Deployment of Hazardous Emissions.