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Sample Call:
Good morning / Good afternoon,
This call is in regard to protecting the public safety, occupational health and environmental health from hazardous RadioFrequency MicroWave Radiation ( RF-MWR ) pollution.

Over 25,000 peer reviewed studies ( ) have documented effects of wireless radiation on human health and nature. Some adverse health effects include neurological and cognitive impairment, asthma, heart problems, depression, sleep disorders, diabetes, learning and memory disorders, infertility, ringing in ears, headaches, fatigue, increased cancer risk and more.

As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to environmental contamination from 4G-5G wireless networks, or involuntary exposure to hazardous RF-MWR via deployment from cell towers, close proximity microwave radiation antennas (CPMRA) or any other wireless MWR pollution-emitting infrastructure in our community.
Safety must be a priority, not an afterthought.  Fiber optic/hardwired cable all the way to the premises (FTTP), is the best solution for fast, safe, truly energy-efficient and cybersecure internet.
I look forward to receiving a detailed response from Senator [or Representative] _____________.
Thank you.

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