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Good morning / Good afternoon,

I request a written response from Senator______

( or Representative_____ ) regarding his/her position on 5G

5G is being forced into communities without public input or consent. 
Thousands of peer reviewed studies have proven biological harm from
electromagnetic wireless microwave radiation / 5G.  
Zero tests have proven safety of 5G.  
As a constituent I want to be clear that I do not consent to 5G or being exposed to
electromagnetic wireless microwave radiation. 
I look forward to receiving a response from Senator_______
( or Representative_______) 
Thank you.
Link To Electromagnetic Radiation: Adverse Biological Effects – 1,600 Accredited Scientific Studies





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Parents For Safe Technology




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General DAS 5G letter 2017.6.5

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“The military exploits the fact that Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) is biolgicially active while the Wireless industry denies that RF/MW radiation is biologically active. Which one is lying?”